The Opulence Of The Prestige

Amidst the rows of vintage colonial-style architecture and traditional Chinese shophouses in Penang’s historical capital, sits an elegantly designed homegrown luxury hotel brand — The Prestige.

The Prestige Hotel is a luxurious alternative to the myriad of backpacking guesthouses, low-to-mid-to-high range hotels, resorts, and homestays that make up a vast majority of Georgetown’s accommodation options.

First opening its doors in October 2019, The Prestige Hotel is inspired by a rather simple concept, and that is Victorian architecture. Another underlying theme that eagle-eyed guests will notice is that the hotel is also partly inspired by the 2006 Hollywood movie of the same name in The Prestige.

If you’ve seen this Christian Bale/Hugh Jackman film, you’d know that the movie — set in the Victorian era — is all about the illusory art of sleight of hand.

The Illusion Of Luxury

To put it succinctly, the 162-room luxury hotel invokes a Victorian facade of yesteryear — not unlike that which you may see from one of the set locales of Downton Abbey. And as if cut from the same cloth, The Prestige Hotel meshes perfectly well with its 19th-century counterparts in the heart of Georgetown.

Upon entering the hotel, the theme of illusions is quite palpable as seen by its long and narrow layout, which, along with elements of visual trickery does break the monotony of its lengthy corridors. Oh, and the rotating lights projecting an intricate lattice pattern does well in “animating” the journey. 

That’s just a part of the illusionary aspects of the hotel as many more minute details can be found throughout the hotel, the key is to keep an eye out for the little things.

Address: 8 Gat Lebuh Gereja, 10300 Georgetown, Penang

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