Get Lost In Euphoria At This NSW Festival

Looking for a particularly exciting festival to attend in summer (or whenever the world stops being crazy)? 

Lost Paradise Festival on the Central Coast of New South Wales is the answer to all your festival-going needs.

Lost Paradise, Central Coast

The long-standing festival is a mainstay in the suburbs of Glenworth Valley as it has been running for more than six years now. The extravagant Lost Paradise is also the perfect gateway for music lovers to celebrate as it has featured many crowd-pleasing favourites like The Jungle Giants, Green Velvet, Hilltop Hoods, and Golden Features in the past.

Plus, music isn’t the only thing on the menu here. 

Visitors may also take part in various spiritual activities such as yoga and healing arts workshops held in the Shambhala Fields. Additionally, the annual Fancy Dress Parade for New Year’s Eve is a sight to behold.

We’d suggest getting into the swing of things i.e. the festival spirit by going all out for the ultimate camping experience. Look for the perfect spot to set up tent for the duration of the event. Moreover, camping will save you a bundle as you aren’t required to pay any additional charge for pitching a tent in the general camping area.

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