Avoidable Travel Mistakes: Overplanning or Underplanning

Being ambitious is one thing, but having an overly packed travel itinerary will turn your holiday sour in no time. Not only is an over planned holiday exhausting, but it will also incur stress in your travel party. Take a step back when you are planning your trip, and remember – you are on holiday, not in a race. 

A Holiday is To Be Enjoyed, Not To Feel Stressed Out

Instead, be flexible. Don’t be afraid to change your plans on the fly due to unforeseen circumstances. After all, planning the perfect holiday is not really an achievable goal. 

Also, you don’t necessarily have to check out every single sight and attraction in one visit – having such a lofty aim will make you feel unaccomplished in the end.

On the other end of the spectrum, not planning enough for your trip is also a big no-no. Nothing screams a huge waste of time and money than going on a trip and napping all day in your hotel. That, and having only fast foods for your meals instead of sampling the local delicacies. Talk about a waste of a local food sampling experience!

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