Hi…I’m Caeli

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I’m Caeli McKamey and have been living my life as any others do. Struggling with the real world, and the world in our heads. Understanding people’s perspectives and truth has been a gift since I was born. Yet, being that person that others come to may feel so uplifting, it also causes me to see the grief of the world. This brings me into much inspiration in order to change the way things have been for so long. Living in a disconnected city, I created a blog in order to


to find the diverse and intelligent and struggling hearts and artists all over the world. In order to share my work and thoughts with others can change my perspective and others one step at a time. Alan Watts is a philosopher that I listen to in order to come to those larger concepts, and which fuels my creativity. Thinking and always getting to a deeper understanding of me is what keeps my mind ticking when anxiety fuels in. But, always,

looking at the stars brings me back to my artistic home. 

I live in the busy city of Seattle, working my way up as a person in the big city.

In order to contemplate these big picture ideas that come to my mind every day, I hike, paint, and write poetry. My main goal is to understand people. Some say that will drive you crazy. Trying to understand other’s crazy will make you crazy. But, I say that getting to know who people really are leads you even deeper into the image of yourself. You could say that I am on a self-journey to understanding what the meaning for myself really is. One of the many beautiful images of my art comes from spending days up in mountains, and on peaks, swimming in lakes, and spending time just basking in the sun on a rock in the fields. With solitude, I find is the best way for me to come back even more re-charged in order to better connect with others. It is always a struggle, but I continue so many hobbies in order to be

the best version of myself, not for others but for me. 

I work a full-time job on top of all my personal and career responsabilities, and that job is myself.

I will not let the world or my struggles define me.

Rather, I will take control of what has happened to me, and turn it into something that I can change. I have come to this place by try and try again, and finding the darkest places to come to a channel of creativity and healing.

Art is part of who we are.