Oh Farrot

The other day I walked into a pet shop

And found the most beautiful farrot I’ve ever seen

That thing stunk like a man’s sweaty behind

But when i held it, i said, for you, i don’t mind


Because when I look into your eyes

The stink just falls away

It’s like a morning Christmas surprise

I’ll take you home today


You flop around like a track star

And sleep harder than my dad snores

So I’d like to take you with me

You are the cutest I’ve ever seen


Oh farrot, farrot, farrot

I do not need a man

You must be sent from up above

I only need your smelly love


I brought you up to the cashier

And my heart started to race

I knew that you would be mine

With that cute and tiny face


The cashier started to ring you up

With anticipation

I even got you a tiny cup

I bet it will be so fun


I pulled my card out from my bag

And waited for the cashier

He said that will be $300 dollars my dear

And I said fuck it


Love is not worth $300 dollars

So I bid you goodbye

My farrot



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