The only way to be

Is to be itself

You must think like you are an animal at heart

And a sky nature in mind

You must be as quiet as the wind

And graceful as a bird

Well I say that is quite absurd

I will be whatever prickles my doorstep

Whatever leaf-blows my front lawn

In the back of my apartment while the children yawm

They know the future is not here yet

They know that life is not ready to change

They know that every lollipop will suck away until it is a dry bone

But they know how to be

The only way to be

Is it be itself

For the harder you try

The more failure will teach you

That being something you are not

Will ruin you into ancient stories collapsing

It will turn you into the nightmare warewolf that they all speak of in fear

It will change you into a vampire sucking the dry neck of a bloodless mutant

For the longer you try

The more success will tell you

It was waiting for you

Just at your doorstep

All you have to do

Is say you believe

In what you want to see

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