Painting, acrylic, nude, relax, art, artist, body, sculpt. 
The Body is natural. A place of personal peace. A place to be yourself. A place to leave worries behind.

I did This painting in thoughts of stress and what beauty can bring relaxation. Why does a body cause so much uproar? It is What we were made. We are not sex objects, we are just people trying to be. 

@ Camile McGregor

5 Replies to “Body Talk”

  1. This painting moves my heart. It’s joyful, soothing, and calming. The body is a temple, spiritual in nature. There is no need for all this fear about the body. From a religious standpoint, one’s god wouldn’t create something sinful like a body for us to inhabit, a temple is how many religions see a body. From an evolutionary standpoint a naked body shouldn’t be abhorrent either. However, art is transcendental. I believe that it can open our minds to higher truths, more eternal truths. See, Plato and Socrates saw art as a vile deception, copies of former copies. Aristotle saw more truth in art than they did and as valid for the human condition. Again, I see art, not as vile deceptions, but higher truths. Art can change our minds, for the better or the worse, about how we see the world around us.

    Anyway, I acknowledge that I am blabbering. You have created a great work of art, as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for the enlightenment.

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