Personality does not define intellegence. 

Art has no perception of social separation,

It is of intense expression

All and any art takes us away

As we are a muse to the paint in it’s own way

@ Caeli McKamey


What is a Woman?


The longer you try

The more success will tell you

It was waiting for you

Just at your doorstep

All you have to do

Is say you believe

In what you want to see-Camile


Walk With Margaret


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”-Thomas Merton

  Water Bender



 Art is an outlet for greater things, healing, understanding of the self, and an ability to connect with others. Art has been my


             and outlet into creativity. 

Art About the Real World


Woman of Color


In a city life, we are often disconnect, and harassed for being who we are. But, we are people or origionality, and of color.

We are allowed to be recognized for our skin as well as our personality, and be treated with love, for we are all essence of love.


Rainbow Man



“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream”-Vincent Van Gogh

Abstract City

Abstract City


Her heart was

Bursting for


Releasing from

Internal Passion of

the self-Camile


@ Camile McGregor



             You’ve come to the right place…Talk to you soon.